Friday, December 29, 2006


V: The Series TV: DVD REVIEW

I enjoyed V:The Miniseries and V: The Final Battle when they first came out in 1983 and 1984 respectfully. Then there was the TV series in 1985. Need I say more! The original 2 mini-series were very interesting and action packed and also a thinly guised way of showing the Nazi atrocities during World War II and the Resistance that followed. The TV series starts where the Final battle left off. Most of the same cast were in the series plus Judson Scott and Jennifer Cooke were added. It only lasted 19 episodes and was left wide open for a conclusion before it was canceled. The show has rarely been shown here in the states. This 3-disc set is considered a “Vanilla” release meaning there are no extras or even trailers for next week’s episode. There is word that they are doing a V: The Next Generation-type comeback with some of the original cast. Should be interesting!


The video quality is fairly good; There are a few specks and film dirt but not much. The episodes were not remastered. Episodes are also uncut.


Was originally recorded in Mono. Audio quality is also in Mono.

Disc 1- Side A
1. “Liberation Day”
2. “Dreadnought”
3. “Breakout”
4. The Deception”
Side B
5. “The Sanction”
6. “Visitor’s Choice
7. “The Overlord”

Disc 2- Side A
8. “The Dissident”
9. “Reflections In Terror”
10. “The Conversion”
Side B
11. “The Hero”
12. “The Betrayal”
13. “The Rescue”

Disc 3- Side A
14. “The Champion”
15. “The Wildcats”
16. “The Littlest Dragon”
17. “War Of Illusions”
18. “Secret Underground”
19. “The Return”


Disc 1-3: No Extras!


I would buy this set if you like the two other mini-series. It is mindless fun to watch and to complete your V set of films. Warner did a pretty descent job. I only wish that they did the series like a special edition with audio commentaries and interviews, etc. Oh well!

Rating: ***!


A short blurb from A & E about the Terrahawks:” In 1983, Producer Gerry Anderson (Thunderbirds, Space:1999) returned to sci-fi Supermarionaton with TERRAHAWKS, refreshing his popular formula with a new generation of string less “Supermacromation” puppets. This DVD set includes all 39 episodes, available uncut for the first time.”
I found out that Gerry Anderson was making a new puppet series and I was ready to watch something great! Boy was I in for it! It was okay when it was on US syndication but watching it now I ask myself, what was I thinking? Memory defiantly does cheat! No fault of A & E! They did a great job considering what they had to work with. The show was shot in 16mm and it made the look of the show very soft and grainy. The end credits are the original British ones. Would have liked to have seen the American ending song “Living in the 21st Century” and some cute animation added to the set but what is on the set is satisfactory. The special effects are done by Steven Begg who is adequate but no Derek Meddings! This was the last of the true “puppet” series from Anderson. Lavender Castle was done a number of years later and used some of the same techniques.
One other thing: When British actors do American accents they for the most part cant seem to pull it off I guess no more than an American actor doing a good British accent. It is prevalent throughout the series.


The video quality is quite grainy! Taken from 16 mm negatives, the picture quality is grainy and sometimes a little washed out. Again, no fault of A & E.


Was originally recorded in Mono. It is also Mono here as well.

Disc 1- 1. “Expect the Unexpected” (1 Hr)
2. “Gold”
3. “Close Call”
4. “From Here to Infinity”
5. “Space Samurai”
6. “The Sporilla”
7. “Happy Maeday”

Disc 2- 1. “Gunfight At Oaky’s Corral”
2. “The Ugliest Monster Of All”
3. “The Gun”
4. “Thunder Path”
5. “Mind Monster”
6. “To Catch A Tiger”
7. “The Midas Touch”
8. “Operation SAS”

Disc 3- 1. “Ten Top Pop”
2. “Unseen Menace”
3. “A Christmas Miracle”
4. “Midnight Blue”
5. “Play it again, Scram”
6. “My Kingdom for a Zeaf”
7. “Zero’s Finest Hour”
8. “The Ultimate Menace”

Disc 4-1. “Thunder Roar”
2. “Ma’s Monsters”
3. “Two For The Price Of One”
4. “Child’s Play ”
5. “Jolly Roger One”
6. “Runaway”
7. “First Strike”
8. “Terratomb”

Disc 5-1. “Doppelganger”
2. “Cry UFO”
3. “Space Cyclops”
4. “Timewarp”
5. “Space Giant”
6. “Cold Finger”
7. “Operation Zero”


Disc 1: Audio Commentary by Effects Director Steven Begg on The Episode-“From Here to Infinity”

Disc 2: Audio Commentary by Director Tony Bell and Associate Producer Bob Bell on “Gunfight At Oaky’s Corral”

Disc 3: None

Disc 4: None

Disc 5: Photo Gallery and Production stills narrated by Steven Begg
Photo Gallery-Tony Bell at Bray Studios
Terrahawks 10 Codes (Text Only)
Terrahawks History-(Text Only)
Character Descriptions- (Text Only)
Vehicle Tech Specs


I would buy this series only as a completeist for Gerry Anderson’s works! Otherwise you may be disappointed.

Rating; **1/2!

Monday, December 25, 2006



In the 1970’s there were 3 TV shows that I could not get enough off. They were Star Trek, Space:1999 and Battlestar Galactica! Man, what a show! Yes it somewhat copied Star Wars but it was ok because it was on weekly. Great cast of characters and guest stars! I went to California back in 1985 and went to Universal Studios there and went through the Battlestar Galactica part of the tour ride which someday I will put on the website. The scripts were not that good but the acting made up for that and the special effects were done by one of the men who worked on Star Wars, John Dykstra so they were top notch. Universal for once did a phenomenal job with this set. With at least 15 minutes of extra deleted and alternate scenes and even a blooper or two for each episode! There are a few featurettes about the history of the show and about the daggit and Cylons. I only wish that Universal would have done the same treatment for Buck Rogers and Airwolf but they did not.


The video quality is absolutely great! Remastered from the original negatives. Episodes are also uncut.


Was originally recorded in Mono. Audio quality is wonderful in 5.1 Dolby surround sound!

Disc 1- Side A
1. “Saga of a Star World” (3 Hours)
Side B
2. “Lost Planet Of The Gods Pt 1
3. “Lost Planet Of The Gods Pt 2

Disc 2- Side A
1. “The Lost Warrior”
2. ”The Long Patrol”
Side B
3. “Gun Station On Ice Planet Zero” Pt 1
4. “Gun Station On Ice Planet Zero” Pt 2
5. “Magnificent Warriors”

Disc 3- Side A
1. “The Young Lords”
2. “The Living Legend” Pt 1
3. “The Living Legend” Pt 2
Side B
4. “Fire In Space”

Disc 4-
1. “War Of The Gods” Pt 1
2. “War Of The Gods” Pt 2
3. “Man With Nine Lives”

Disc 5-
1. “Murder On The Rising Star”
2. “Greetings From Earth” (2 Hour Movie)

Disc 6-Side A
1. “Baltar’s Escape”
2. “Experiment In Terra”
3. “Take The Celestra”
Side B
4. “The Hand Of God”


Disc 1: Side A
Deleted scenes from “Saga of a Starworld”
Glen A Larson on the creation of Battlestar Galactica
Stu Phillips-Composing the Score

Side B
Deleted scenes from “Lost Planet of the Gods”

Disc 2: Side A
Deleted scenes from “The Lost Warrior”
Deleted scenes from “The Lost Patrol”

Side B
Deleted scenes from “Gun Station on Ice Planet Zero Pts 1 & 2
Deleted scenes from “Magnificent Warriors”

Disc 3: Side A
Deleted and Alternate scenes from “The Young Lords”
Deleted and Alternate scenes from “The Living Legend” Pts 1 & 2

Side B
Deleted and Alternate scenes from “Fire In Space”
Inside Battlestar Galactica-The Cylons
Working with the Daggit
Photo Gallery
Sneak Peek to the new Battlestar Galatica mini-series
Demo to Battlestar Galactica game

Disc 4:
Deleted and Alternate scenes from “War of the Gods” Pts 1 & 2
Deleted and Alternate scenes from “Man with Nine Lives”

Disc 5:
Deleted and Alternate scenes from “Murder on the Rising Star”
Deleted and Alternate scenes from “Greetings from Earth” (2 Hour)

Disc 6: Side A
Deleted and Alternate scenes from “Baltar’s Escape
Deleted and Alternate scenes from “Experiment In Terra”
Deleted and Alternate scenes from “Take the Celestra”

Side B:
Deleted and Alternate scenes from “The Hand Of God”
Remembering Battlestar Galactica


WOW! If you are a fan of the original TV show, Go and buy this set! It’s the only few times that Universal showed any interest in a particular show. I would highly recommend it!

Rating: *****!

Sunday, December 24, 2006


Statement from A & E about Joe 90:” Following the heels of Captain Scarlet, JOE 90 marked yet another triumph for producer Gerry Anderson. In classic Anderson style, the show featured incredible machines, fast-paced action and ahead of their time special effects. This DVD collection includes all 30 episodes, digitally remastered and restored from 35 mm prints and presented in their original production order.”
I do not believe that Joe 90 ever aired here in the states in the 60’s but I did watch the compilation movie back in the 80’s under the title “The Amazing Adventures Of Joe 90”. I thought that the special effects and the puppetry were great and the premise that you could take brain patterns from anybody and be that person was really neat. What a cool concept! Unlike Captain Scarlet, Joe 90 was a little less exciting but the stories were good and Barry Gray’s music makes the show. There were 3 Anderson shows that used the puppets that were correctly proportioned. Captain Scarlet was first followed by Joe 90 and then finally Secret Service.


Like Captain Scarlet, the video quality is the same. No film dirt or specks that I could see. Taken straight from the 35 mm negatives, the picture quality is crystal clear.
Very clear!


Was originally recorded in Mono. These discs do NOT have 5.1 Dolby Surround sound but the audio quality is still clear nonetheless!

Disc 1- 1. “The Most Special Agent”
2. “Hi-Jacked”
3. “Splashdown”
4. “Operation McClaine”
5. “Three’s A Crowd”
6. “International Concerto”
7. “Big Fish”
8. “The Unorthodox Shepherd”

Disc 2- 1. “Relative Danger”
2. “Business Holiday”
3. “King For A Day”
4. “Double Agent”
5. “Most Special Astronaut”
6. “Arctic Adventure”
7. “The Fortress”

Disc 3- 1. “Colonel McClaine”
2. “Project 90”
3. “The Race”
4. “The Professional”
5. “Lone-Handed 90”
6. “Attack Of The Tiger”
7. “Talkdown”
8. “Breakout”

Disc 4-1. “Mission X-41”
2. “Test Flight”
3. “Child of the Sun God”
4. “Trial At Sea”
5. “See You Down There”
6. “The Birthday”
7. “Viva Cordova”


Disc 1: Designer Mike Trim Commentary on the episode-“The Most Special Agent”
Director Ken Turner Commentary on the episode- “The Unorthodox Shepherd”

Disc 2: None

Disc 3: None

Disc 4: Character Biographies- (Text Only)
Data Files- (Text Only) About WIN Organization
Photo Gallery


I would highly recommend buying this set along with any of Gerry Anderson’s works! The picture and audio quality are wonderful. The extras are minimal but the audio commentaries make up for that!

Rating; ***1/2!

Saturday, December 16, 2006

A short blurb from 20TH Century Fox about Planet Of The Apes TV:” Based on the enormously popular and successful Planet of the Apes movies, the 1974 TV series has become a true cult classic.”
I waited with baited breath for the series when it first was shown back in 1974 when I was 10 years old. I thought the series what great! How the memory cheats! I enjoyed to no end watching them again on DVD but the show was very pedestrian in plot and chases but when I was a kid, I didn’t notice all of that. The show itself has been extremely hard to find on TV as well as any trading circles. It has been shown overseas for quite a few years, so for that I’m glad its finally available again here. There is also a 14th episode that was never aired originally. That episode is called “The Liberator”. It was also neat to see Roddy McDowell continuing in the series having previously been in the films.


The video quality is only fair! Taken from film prints with LOTS of film dirt and specks!
No remastering done here! Episodes are uncut though.


Was originally recorded in Mono. Audio quality is good to very good.

Disc 1- 1. “Escape From Tomorrow”
2. “The Gladiators”
3. “The Trap”
4. “The Good Seeds”

Disc 2- 1. “The Legacy”
2. “Tomorrow’s Tide”
3. “The Surgeon”
4. “The Deception”

Disc 3- 1. “The Horse Race”
2. “The Interrogation”
3. “The Tyrant”
4. “The Cure”

Disc 4-1. “The Liberator”
2. “Up Above the World So High”


Disc 4: Planet Of The Apes Movies DVD Trailer
Planet of the Apes Theatrical Trailer (2001)


I would buy this set if you like the films and even the cartoon series that was also shown a year later. The picture and audio quality are fair. Fox usually does a good job with their product, all things considered. The extras are just trailers and it would have been nice to see either a audio commentary or two and a making of featurette but for the price and at least having it on DVD now makes it worth the price.

Rating: ***

Friday, December 15, 2006

Captain Scarlet DVD Review

A short blurb from A & E about Captain Scarlet:” With stunning special effects, a new generation of realistic "Super-marionation" puppets, and a darker, more serious tone than its predecessors, CAPTAIN SCARLET AND THE MYSTERONS was producer Gerry Anderson's (Space: 1999, Stingray, UFO, Thunderbirds) most ambitious series. This exclusive DVD set includes all 32 episodes, available uncut and digitally remastered for the first time.”
I personally never saw Captain Scarlet when it was first on the airwaves back in 1967. I did however, watched the “Super Space Theater” on Showtime back in 1982, which was a compilation of episodes from the series. The show was phenomenal! Looking at the show now it no doubt seems pretty violent considering the time and age group that it was aimed for. Don’t get me wrong, I also loved the “Thunderbirds” but for once the puppets were proportioned better and looked more life like! When the series finally came to DVD here in the states, I picked it up quickly.


The video quality is fantastic! Taken straight from the 35 mm negatives, the picture quality is crystal clear, which makes the wires much more visible unfortunately.
Very clear!


Was originally recorded in Mono. A nice feature on these discs is that you can switch to 5.1 Dolby Surround sound and get some great sound quality although at times it sounds slightly muffled. All and all, well done.

Disc 1- 1. “The Mysterons”
2. “Winged Assassin:
3. “Big Bend Strikes Again”
4. “Renegade Rocket”
5. “Point 783”
6. “Manhunt”
7. “Operation Time”
8. “White As Snow”

Disc 2- 1. “Seek And Destroy”
2. “Spectrum Strikes Back”
3. “Avalanche”
4. “Shadow Of Fear”
5. “The Heart Of New York”
6. “Fire At Rig 15”
7. “The Launching”
8. “Lunarville 7”

Disc 3- 1. “The Trap”
2. “Model Spy”
3. “Dangerous Rendezvous”
4. “Special Assignment”
5. “Place Of Angels”
6. “Crater 101”
7. “Expo 2068”
8. “Traitor”

Disc 4-1. “Flight 104”
2. “Noose Of Ice”
3. Codename:Europa”
4. “Flight To Atlantica”
5. “Treble Cross”
6. “Attack On Cloudbase”
7. “The Inquisition”
8. “Inferno”


Disc 1: Gerry Anderson Commentary on The Episode-“The Mysterons”
Introduction To Captain Scarlet- (Text Only)
Photo Gallery

Disc 2: Character Biographies- (Text Only)
Gerry Anderson Biography- (Text Only)
Photo Gallery
Production Gallery

Disc 3: Biographies of the Angels- (Text Only)
Photo Gallery
Spectrum ID Cards- (Text with Pictures)

Disc 4: Gerry Anderson Commentary on Episode of-“Attack of the Cloudbase”
Vehicle Guides- (Text Only)
Production Gallery
DVD-Rom Feature-Cross section diagrams of vehicles used on the show.


I would highly recommend buying this set! The picture and audio quality are superb. The extras are few but the audio commentaries make up for that with information that was not presently known about the workings of the show.

Rating; ****!