Friday, July 19, 2013

CSI-12th Season DVD Review

Paramount has come out with the twelfth season of the long running and ever popular CSI series with now Ted Danson as head of the CSI Las Vegas Unit.   This season, one of the mainstays of the series Marg Helgenberger, leaves the series after a whopping 263 episodes!  This set comprises of all 22 episodes of season twelve.  This season was strong especially with the story on the coroner Dr Al Robbins played by Robert David Hall in the episode “Genetic Disorder”).  The set also includes 2 audio commentaries from episodes “Ms. Willow Regrets” and “Willows In The Wind” and 6 featurettes on the season’s episodes.  Guest Stars for this season were Stacy Haiduk (Seaquest), Kelly Hu (Martial Law), Grant Snow (Eight Is Enough), Bess Armstrong (My So Called Life), Jaclyn Smith (Charlie’s Angels) and Stepfanie Kramer (Hunter).  The video is sharp taken from the 1080I versions of the show and the audio is good with 5.1 Dolby Surround Sound. There are also Deleted scenes a farewell to Marg and a Gag Reel


Episodes are uncut.  Each episode runs approx 44 mins each.   


Was originally recorded in 5.1 Dolby.  Audio is also in 5.1 Dolby!

Disc 1-  1.    “73 Seconds”-with Carrot Top
2.        “Tell-Tale Hearts”
3.        “Bittersweet”-with Stacy Haiduk and Kelly Hu
4.        “Maid Men”-with Frances Fisher

Disc 2-  1.   “CSI Down”
2.      “Freaks And Geeks”
3.      “Brain Doe”
4.      “Crime After Crime”

Disc 3- 1.   “Zippered”-with Grant Snow
2.      “Genetic Disorder”
3.      “Ms. Willow Regrets”
4.      “Willows In The Wind”

Disc 4- 1.   “Tressed To Kill”-with William Ragsdale
2.      “Seeing Read”
3.      “Stealing Home”
4.      “CSI Unplugged”-with Bess Armstrong

Disc 5- 1.    “Trends With Benefits”
2.        “Malice In Wonderland”-with Jaclyn Smith
3.        “Split Decisions”-with Stepfanie Kramer
4.        “Altered Stakes”
Disc 6-1.     “Dune and Gloom”
2.          “Homecoming”


Disc 1:  Deleted Scenes (04:26)

Disc 2: Deleted Scene (01:26)

Disc 3:  Audio Commentary on episode-“Ms. Willow Regrets” with members of the cast
             Audio Commentary on episode-“Willows In The Wind” with members of the cast
             Deleted Scenes (03:42)

Disc 4: None

Disc 5:  None

Disc 6:  Death, Trucks and Rock and Roll (08:33)
             A Crime A Dozen-Season 12 of CSI (23:28)
             Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas (12:51)
             A Farewell To Marg (09:31)
             Putting on a Freak Show (08:46)
             A Family Affair (06:52)