Sunday, July 1, 2007


A blurb from Acorn Media about Porterhouse Blue: For more than 500 years, Porterhouse College has cherished tradition above all else. Unfortunately, its traditions mostly involve decadent banquets, drunkenness, and undistinguished scholarship. Enter Sir Godber Evans (Ian Richardson), a new master hell-bent on reform. But Head Porter Skullion (David Jason) emerges as Sir Godber’s most formidable foe-a self-appointed guardian of Porterhouse’s most hallowed traditions, with plenty of tricks up his tweedy sleeve.

A very funny and somewhat sad story from the author Tom Sharpe. The mini-series stars the late Ian Richardson and the very funny David Jason. Along in the cast are Charles Gray and John Sessions. The production was well paced and had a very strong supporting cast. Filmed in 1987 and shot on location at Cambridge University it deals will college traditions and a very British way of life with the new headmaster going against the wishes of the steward of the college. There were 4 episodes produced for Channel 4. There is also an unusual sub plot with a student and a housekeeper that reveals a reverse Rape that is Woman to Man both with an unfortunate end to their lives. There is cast filmographies and a bio of author of the book that the mini series is based on both in text.


The video quality is great! Episodes run approx 50 minutes each.


Was originally recorded in Mono. Is also in Mono but very clear!

Disc 1- 1. “Part 1” with John Woodnutt and Willoughby Goddard
2. “Part 2”

Disc 2- 1. “Part 3” with Charles Grey and Griff Rhys Jones
2. “Part 4”


Disc 1: Cast filmographies
Tom Sharpe Biography (Text Only)

Disc 2: None


A well-acted satirical comedy with the BAFTA Best Actor award going to David Jason. Great stuff!

Rating: ****!

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John said...

"Reverse rape"...? What was going on in there to justify you coining such a weird term?

As for the term itself, it's not really right to use it as more and more legal systems define rape in a neutral way (simply non consensual use of another person's sexual organs).