Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Doctor Who-Death to the Daleks DVD Review

Doctor Who-Death to the Daleks, the last Pertwee Dalek story is now available for the first time on DVD from BBC Warner Home Video.  It was the third story of Jon Pertwee’s final season as the Doctor.  Also starring is Elizabeth as Sarah Jane Smith for her third adventure with the Doctor.  The story concerns the Doctor taking Sarah Jane on a mini vacation on a distant planet when a energy drain causes the TARDIS to crash land on the planet Exxilon, where the Exxilons are in the middle of a battle between the Daleks and the Marine Space Corp over a mineral called “Parrinium” that for humans is an antidote for a terrible space plague that is covering the galaxy!   The guest stars on this story are John Abineri (Robin of Sherwood), Duncan Lamont (Adventures of Robin Hood) and Joy Harrison (Space:1999).   The extras on this set are somewhat scant but interesting none the less.  There is an Audio Commentary with the Julian Fox and Director Michael E Briant, a making of documentary, Studio Recordings, and On the Set piece from the movie “Doctor Who & the Daleks”, Photo Gallery and Coming soon trailer.   The video quality of the episodes is quite good considering the age of the videotapes.  A story worth seeing with a good cast and supporting characters.


The video quality is great!  The performance was done on videotape.  The total story is performance is 98 minutes long.


Was originally recorded in Mono.  It is also available in 5.1 Dolby Surround Sound.

Disc 1-  1.  “Death to the Daleks” with Jon Pertwee and Elizabeth Sladen
                    Part 1- (24:31)
                    Part 2- (24:45)
                    Part 3- (24:24)
                    Part 4- (24:36)


Disc 1: Audio Commentary with Actor Julian Fox & Director Michael E Briant
            Beneath The City of the Exxilons-(26:43)-Making of Doc
            Studio Recording- (23:34)
            On the Set of Dr Who and the Daleks (07:47)
            Doctor Who Stories-Dalek Men (12:59)
            Photo Gallery (05:50)
            Production Notes
            PDF Materials on DVD Rom
            Coming Soon-(01:17)-The Krotons

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