Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Doctor Who-Spearhead From Space DVD Review

Doctor Who-Spearhead From Space Special Edition is now available on DVD through BBC Warner Home Video.  The first time this story was on DVD was back in 2001.  This story marks the first appearance of the new Doctor to the series, Jon Pertwee!  This is also the only time on the series that the story was entirely done on film!  There was a technicians strike and no videotape operators were available.  The story is an invasion of aliens that can manipulate plastic into killing machines.  They easily invade by coming down in meteorite storms.  A regeneration story that was a lot easier on the Doctor than future stories.  The aliens that are the Nestenes show up again in the “Terror of the Autons” and in the new series episode “Rose”.  The extras on this disc are two audio commentaries with Nicholas Courtney, Caroline John, producers Derrick Shewwin and Barry Letts, Terrance Dicks and Robin Squire, a making of documentary and a short documentary on the challenges of Doctor Who on Television in 1970, a spoof on the UNIT group, a photo gallery with production notes on the story and a coming soon trailer.


The video quality is great!  The performance was done on videotape and there are a few dropouts of picture and sound.  The total story is performance is 96 minutes long.


Was originally recorded in Mono.  It is also Mono on this set.

Disc 1-  1.  “Spearhead From Space-Special Edition”-with Jon Pertwee and Caroline John (96 mins)
                    Part One (23:40)
                    Part Two (24:23)
                    Part Three (24:17)
                    Part Four (24:18)      


Disc 1: Audio Commentary by Nicolas Courtney and Caroline John
            Audio Commentary by Producer Derrick Sherwin and Terrance Dicks
            Down To Earth-Filming Spearhead From Space (22:38)
            Regenerations From Black & White to Colour (18:39)
            Unit Recruitment Film (04:49)
            Trailers (01:45)
            Photo Gallery (3:50)
            Radio Times Listing on DVD Rom
            Production text notes
            Coming Soon-Greatest Show In The Galaxy (01:04)

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