Thursday, April 18, 2013

Doctor Who-The Robots of Death SE DVD Review

The second story of Leela’s time with the Doctor is “The Robots of Death” which this time has come out as a special edition from BBC Home Video through Warner Home Video.  The story plays out as a futuristic version of Agatha Christie’s “Ten Little Indians” where the robot servants of a mineral digging operation on a distant planet kill their masters but for what reason?  Fine performances all round!  The disc also includes an Audio Commentary with Tom Baker and Louise Jameson, Pamela Salem and Producer Phillip Hinchcliffe and writer Chris Boucher, a making of documentary about the story and a photo gallery with production notes on the story.


The video quality is great!  The performance was done on videotape and there are a few dropouts of picture and sound.  The total story is performance is 99 minutes long.


Was originally recorded in Mono.  It is also Mono on this set.

Disc 1-  1.  “The Robots of Death”-with Tom Baker, Louise Jameson and Russell Hunter (98 mins)
                    Part One (24:07)
                    Part Two (24:14)
                    Part Three (23:51)
                    Part Four (23:43)      


Disc 1: Audio Commentary by Tom Baker, Louise Jameson and Pamela Salem with Phillip Hinchcliffe and Chris Boucher
            The Sandmine Murders (32:21)
            Robophobia  (11:47)
            Studio Sound  (01:24)
            Model Shots (07:59)
            Studio Floor Plans
            Continuity (00:53)
            Photo Gallery (5:35)
            Radio Times Listing on DVD Rom
            Production text notes
            Coming Soon-The Face of Evil (01:26)

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