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A blurb from BCI Eclipse about The New Adventures Of He-Man Vol 2: By the power of Eternia! In the future, on an endangered planet, the story of the most powerful man in the universe locked in battle with his ever-present enemy the lord of destruction continues. The battle for Primus takes an unexpected turn when Skeletor and the Mutants make their presence felt on the planet Necron, sparking a war between the peace-loving Mytes and the war-like Gleanons!

In 1990, a further series of the Adventures Of He-Man was produced simply titled “The New Adventures of He-Man”. It was an Italian/French co-production done with animation from Japan. I was unable to receive a review copy of Vol.1 to compare, but each volume stands on its own. The show is done with story arcs starting with the first five episodes and concluding with a 6-part finale in Vol. 2. The show also takes place about 10,000 years after the original series. The over all stories for the series are actually written better than the original series in my opinion, what I remember of the older series. This box set along with spine art for a huge mural when you buy the other He-Man sets is the final 32 episodes of the series. On this set are also 2 new documentaries on He-Man done by the fans of the show and the legacy of the shows. There are 2 collectible 4 x 6 cards of art from the series done by Gene Ha and Matt Haley. What I fine really well done by the BCI group, which has done this on other sets, is detailed profiles of various characters, creatures, artifacts and technology from the series, some with video clips!


The video quality is great! Episodes are also uncut. There is also a Play All feature on each disc.


Was originally recorded in Mono. Audio quality is mono but very clear!

Disc 1- 1. “Zone Of Darkness”
2. “Once Upon A Time”
3. “A Plague On Primus”
4. “The Test Of Time”
5. “Four Ways To Sundown”
6. “The Sheriff Of Gorn City”
7. “The New Wizard In Town”

Disc 2- 1. “The Nemesis Within”
2. “He-Fan”
3. “The Dream Zone”
4. “Brain Drain”
5. “You’re In The Army Now”
6. “No Easy Way”
7. “The Guns Of Nordor”
Disc 3- 1. “The Bride Of Slush Head”
2. “Dreadator”
3. “Mutiny On The Mother Ship”
4. “Rock To The Future”
5. “The Running Of The Herd”
6. “Balance Of Power”

Disc 4- 1. “The Tornadoes Of Zil”
2. “The Taking Of Levitan”
3. “Save Our City”
4. “The Power Of The Good And The Way Of The Magic”
5. “Queen’s Gambit”
6. “There’s Gems In Them Hills”

Disc 5- 1. “The Call To The Games”
2. “The Blacksmith Of Crelus”
3. “A Time To Leave”
4. “The Games”
5. “Flogg’s Revenge”
6. “The Final Invasion”

Disc 6-1. Special Features Disc


Disc 1: None

Disc 2: None

Disc 3: None

Disc 4: None

Disc 5: None

Disc 6: “The Fans Of He-Man”-Documentary (29:00)
“The Power And The Legacy Of He-Man”-Documentary (28:33)
50 Detailed Profiles of Various Characters, Creatures and artifacts


I have never been a huge fan of He-man but after watching the episodes of even the newer version plus the documentaries, I have a better appreciation of the Legacy Of He-Man. Buy it for your collection. I would recommend it.

Rating: ***!

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